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Donate via Bank Transfer

Bridging Communities, Inc.
BSB 066 000
Account 11575490

Be sure to note ‘CHS’ or ‘Horses’ on the transfer or we will not receive the donation. Your donation will appear on your bank statement as Bridging Communities, Inc., a registered charitable foundation in WA.

A Forever Home

Calan Horse Sanctuary is a Forever Home, meaning that the horses that arrive here will stay here until it is time for them to leave this world. We do not sell horses, or move them on to other homes. Here they have 90 acres of paddock to roam freely as a herd, hard meals at least once a day depending on any health conditions, regular hoof trimming, and any veterinary and dentist treatment they need to keep them comfortable. The horses here are not ridden or used for any kind of work. This is essentially the place they come to retire, whether they were race horses, riding school horses, or otherwise.

How you can Help

There’s many ways that you can volunteer at CHS. Your time, expertise, financial support and ability to share what we do with your family, friends, community and the world can make a difference in the lives of these horses who have no where else to go.  However you can help, it all counts.

You can stop by if you live in WA to give a helping hand.

Hold a ‘Horse High Tea’ and collect donations.

Donate extra tack/gear?

Do you know journalists that may want to write a story about us or one of our horses?

If you are a lawyer in the Not for Profit or Charity sector we could use your expertise on a Pro Bono basis.

Our horses need constant farrier, dental and veterinary care.  If you’re in one of those professions and can donate or reduce your fees and help our animals.

Help to promote us through social media.


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