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Alan Gent’s Mission: Rescuing Horses and Building Hope at Calan Horse Sanctuary

Since 2005, Alan Gent has been rescuing horses- many are former trotters and racers. A sad result caused by the horse industry. Instead of betting on the Cup, bet on Alan and give horses the life they deserve. He started by taking in one horse named ‘Rebel’ and from there the sanctuary grew into taking as many needy horses as this one man could handle. For those of you who have taken the cut lunch to visit us in Highbury, you know the heart and soul that’s been invested in truly making Calan Horse Sanctuary home for the 22 horses currently residing here (another 11 have died over the years). They often arrive older, with dull eyes and drooping heads. Many have hoof or dental issues and most having never felt the embrace of a loving human. Until…they met Alan.

In the 15 years since Alan founded the sanctuary, he has had over 380 requests to take in a horse (Alan stopped counting because it was too unbearable). Irish, for instance, is a horse that was destined to the knackery. People who knew this horse called him ‘dangerous’ and pleaded with Alan not to take him. He was found tied to a tree with terrible teeth and feet. He, at, first double-barrelled Alan twice, nearly taking him out. With consistent, clear leadership, Alan has turned this horse around and he’s become the crown jewel of the sanctuary- Irish now often rests his head on Alan and licks his arm as if to say “thanks for believing in me.”

It is clear that the need is persistent in our community, across Australia, and the world. Our supporters and others who have seen Alan’s work first hand- from beautifully built horse sheds for each individual horse to horses who under his care have softened and now reciprocate trust- have all expressed the desire to see Calan Horse Sanctuary carry on into the future. We agree!

Whilst Alan is boots on the ground day to day, we have had some lovely and noble volunteers call in as well as donate. I’ve helped CHS through fundraising, providing moral support to Alan, and working to ensure Alan’s legacy of giving sanctuary to needy horses lives on. Alan gives 100 % to the benefit of the horses. I’m sad when people want him to take in more horses, like a mare and foal that were recently turned away, because there isn’t the capacity or human power to do so at the present time. As Alan does all of the trims himself, prepares and feeds the horses twice a day himself, fixes and maintains the fencing himself and most importantly, shepherds over the beautiful herd of beings that he may have to put down himself, we now need to raise funds to hire a farm worker, pay for feed and a farrier to give Alan some relief as we plan for the future.

Covid has complicated matters. The restrictions in WA and across the world make it a major challenge for me and 30,000 other Australians to re-enter Australia let alone WA. Until I am able to enter Australia to better sort things out, we are auspicing under the community foundation ‘Bridging Communities’. Bridging Communities do not take a fee and they reconcile their account frequently. We provide them with how we have spent every penny even if it comes through GFMe.

The Charitable Collections department under the Consumer Protection Division at the Dept. of Mines in WA oversees this activity so that everything is on the up and up.

What we need right now is to support Alan by raising funds to help hire a farmhand. You can donate through the banking details on our website and just note on your bank transfer ‘CHS’ so that it gets designated to us, or you can donate here through Go Fund Me if that is easier. You make a significant impact by inviting just one friend to donate too so please share this appeal with them. Together we can do this! Drop Alan an email or phone him if you’d like to catch up with him. Details are on our contact page on our website.

Thank you again for your kindness, understanding, and financial support. You can email Alan or me anytime and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Again, details are on our contact page on our website

For Alan and the horses,

Mae Lee

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