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Calan Horse Sanctuary Updates: A New Chapter in Donations and Herd Health

To our valued community,

While Go Fund Me has played an integral role in the raising of funds for the care of the horses at Calan, we have decided to end the relationship. Some recent changes made to how Go Fund Me operates has made the receiving of donated funds through our auspice organisation, Bridging Communities, more complicated than we’d like it to be. Bridging Communities have been extremely good to us acting as our auspice, receiving the donated funds on our behalf and then making them available for us to use to buy feed, and pay for veterinary and dental care.

Part of the task of allocating the funds to us is linking the funds to the specific donor which, since Go Fund Me has made changes, is a much more time consuming task than it used to be. Out of respect for Bridging Communities, and to simplify things overall, we’ll be shifting to only taking donations by direct deposit. Donations will still be received by Bridging Communities but each transaction will have a name and a reference that states “horses” which will make allocating the funds to Calan much easier. We’ll also be able to receive the full donation as no fees will be taken off the top.

Rest assured that all of your donations have been received and goes straight to the horses.

Since Go Fund Me also provided a really easy way to keep in contact with you all we would like to invite you to visit our website ( and enter your email address to receive regular updates. You’ll also find on the website the bank details for Bridging Communities and instructions for donating.

In other news, the Calan Herd is doing well. There have been a few scares though. Devon has been on a bit of a rollercoaster with suspected colic. He has on many cases displayed behaviour typical of colic and has required some temporary pain relief. Winter coats have shed away leaving behind shiny summer coats – a testament to the balanced feed that Alan has arrived at after years of caring for horses. The paddocks that had been left to grow over the winter have been opened up giving the horses access to tall ryegrass to graze.

With thanks for all of your support,

James McDonald, on behalf of Alan Gent and Calan Horse Sanctuary.

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