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Calan Pastures Update: Horse Health and Herd Dynamics

I’m a bit late posting this from my last visit a week ago but here is an update from Calan.

There isn’t much to update everyone on, a good thing when you have 15 horses to look after. Surely a sign that the methods and approaches at Calan are doing exactly what we want them to – keeping the horses happy and healthy.

Tonto, one of our miniatures, seems to have taken a bit of a hit from another horse. There is a small wound on the side of his head. It should heal by itself, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

As we mentioned in the last update, Vinnie does have ulcers but has started 28-days of treatment. He is grinding his teeth which is a tell-tale sign. The treatment is added into his morning meal, after which the grinding subsides for a while which is a good. The treatment isn’t cheap but indeed necessary to keep him happy and comfortable.

Before I left Alan was praising Irish for his leadership of the herd. Ever since taking over as the Alpha from Rebel he has led with a gentle but authoritative approach. As he passes the baton over to Phoenix we hope that he imparts some of these traits to him.

That’s it for now. I’d love to thank everyone for their support. Since I started visiting Calan in April I can truly see just how unique and effective the whole setup is. While the horses have all come from such different backgrounds, they all get to live out the rest of their days here with as much care and love as they deserve, largely due to your support.

James McDonald, on behalf of Alan Gent and Calan Horse Sanctuary.

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