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Calan Sanctuary: A Forever Home for Horses – Honouring Their Journey

One of the unique aspects of the sanctuary that we want to really emphasises is the fact that Calan is a “Forever Home”. The horses that arrive here will live out the rest of their days here and receive all the care they need to do so comfortably until the day they die, here.

Below is a list of all the horses that have called Calan home with the dates they arrived and the date they passed.

Rebel – Arrived 2005. Passed 9/5/2021.
Irish – Arrived 1/6/2008.
Topaz – Arrived 21/3/2010. Passed 26/2/2015.
Merc – Arrived 2006. Passed 25/7/2017.
Waylon – Arrived 12/9/2010.
Lawson – Arrived 9/1/2011. Passed 13/3/2017.
Brodie – Arrived 15/10/2011. Passed 2/12/2021.
Perdon – Arrived 4/5/2012. Passed 31/10/2021.
Tex – Arrived 20/6/2012. Passed 5/12/2020.
Lakota – Arrived 23/1/2017.
Cobber – Arrived 11/8/2013. Passed 7/5/2017.
Digger – Arrived 11/8/2013.
Vivek – Arrived 9/3/2019. Passed 21/1/2021.
Honner – Arrived 15/9/2013.
Red – Arrived 11/9/2017. Passed 6/12/2017.
Lilly – Arrived 11/9/2017. Passed 11/6/2022.
Kokodah – Arrived 7/6/2016. Passed 25/1/2017.
Big Ben – 23/8/2014. Passed 19/3/2022.
Devon – Arrived 6/4/2014.
Felix – Arrived 16/2/2018.
Mae Lee – Arrived 31/10/2015. Passed 5/11/2019.
Beriah – Arrived 2/3/2016. Passed 25/5/2019.
Gideon – Arrived 2/11/2014.
Rico – Arrived 2007.
Bella – Arrived 13/9/2017. Passed 8/2/2021.
Phoenix – Arrived 15/12/2015.
Dwight – Arrived 1/4/2017.
Francis – Arrived 7/10/2019. Passed 21/2/2020.
Vinnie – Arrived 2/8/2019.
Omar – Arrived 13/7/2018.
Gypsy – Arrived 2/8/2017.
Tonto – Arrived 2/8/2017.

As I am writing this update the rain continues to fall. It has been raining since midnight which is welcomed. The paddocks needed a good soak if we are to have any chance of getting the grass up. There was some rain earlier in the year which germinated the dormant grass seeds in the paddock but without any follow-up rain we were sure they’d perish. Hopefully this rain has arrived just in time. I’ve attached some photos of the horses out enjoying the rain.

We have had to have the Vet out twice over the past month to help with Devon. On the 14th of April, Alan found Devon down in the top paddock. Sand Colic was suspected so the vet came to give him 6 litres of paraffin oil in the hope it would help to pass the sand in the gut.

Later that day Devon was walking around relatively care-free. Had Alan not found Devon when he had things may have not turned out so well. Where Devon had been trying to stand up he has worn away the fur at several spots on his head and shoulder so is looking a little raw in areas but should be fine in time.

The Vet has been out a second time to administer another 6 litres of paraffin oil. We are pleased to say that Devon appears to be doing well and is having paraffin oil with psyllium husk and honey daily in his feed to help him recover and as a preventative measure. Devon’s dental problems make him quite susceptible to sand colic.

A fortnight ago, when I was here last, we trimmed most of the herd’s hooves. Digger, Omar, Gideon, Vinnie, Dwight, Rico, Phoenix, Devon, Waylon, and Felix all had a good trim and will be done again on the 26/27th of May. Today we trimmed Lakota, Honner, and Irish.

Written by James McDonald, on behalf of Alan Gent.

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