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Farewell to Vivek: Honouring the Wisdom of a Beloved Horse at Calan Sanctuary

A Place in Heaven for old Vivek

One of our most beloved and newest horses, Vivek, named after a compassionate human gentleman who had provided outstanding care to our horses, has just passed away. As we’ve often said, names matter here at Calan and to name Vivek after a human says volumes about both the horse and man with the name Vivek in Sanskrit, meaning ‘Wisdom.’

Sadly, this lovely and wise, standard bred, who came to us 2 years ago, dull coat and thin, at around age 25+, was likely overworked throughout his life but we do not know the details. The horses that come to us have little written or oral histories-we tend to only get a sentence or a few words about what might have happened to them but there is no documented information. Vivek’s body gave out after several hopeful attempts this past year by a vet and then a holistic equine practitioner, Jacqui-both who greatly eased his suffering coming from his neck and spine. His body this past week could not hold up and he was injuring himself trying to do so. Giving it one more go to help Vivek, Alan called on his good neighbour Vince for assistance. Vince and Alan couldn’t rouse Vivek and he had to be put down, as it was clear in Vivek’s eyes that enough was enough for our dear horse friend. And yes, Alan knows each horse that well, that intimately, that completely on a one-to-one basis. It’s his life’s work and purpose.

It is hard being the receiver of equine souls like Vivek and our other horses who have only one more chance to give life a go. And, it’s not just Alan who has had sleepless nights looking after Vivek’s soul recovery. Our supporters inquire about the horses and in this case of Vivek in particular, several visitors were able to really ‘see’ Vivek for who he was and to offer him care and kindness whilst at Calan. Upon hearing the news of his death, a young visitor who had met and spent time with Vivek said this:

“I am sending you all my love. The death of a loved one is never easy, especially someone as truly kind and peaceful and determined and willing as Vivek.”

This statement of support shows just how much people are affected by being in this horse’s company for even a day and a half. He was an undervalued horse in his previous life for sure.

He’ll be missed by all of us and especially our horse, ‘Lakota’, who was Vivek’s equine pal. These two horses would stand back to back during the mid-summer fly season and Vivek would use his tail to swat the flies away from Lakota’s face. Lakota would not let Alan or anyone close enough to put a fly veil on her so Vivek took it upon himself to help Lakota because she would follow him around nose to tail to take advantage of the tail swish. Those bonds do not dissolve easily even after one horse dies.

Off to the Rainbow Bridge dear Vivek. Thank you for sharing your last two years with us and we’ll always keep you in our hearts.

On behalf of Alan, the founder of Calan Horse Sanctuary,
We will miss you wise Vivek,
Mae Lee

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