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Home » Finding Friendship: Honner’s Heartwarming Journey at Calan Horse Sanctuary

Finding Friendship: Honner’s Heartwarming Journey at Calan Horse Sanctuary

We know our supporters appreciate the hard yards we’re putting in (no secret that we’re mainly referring to the superhuman abilities of CHS founder, Alan Gent). When running a sanctuary of this size we look forward to the GOOD along with having to deal with the bad and the ugly so we thought this time we’d share what inspires us. One-eyed horse, Honner, arrived at the sanctuary a few years back. He wasn’t here because he only had one eye. Many horses are capable and do live a long and happy life with one eye. This equine gentleman was here because he was sold as a sound riding horse. The history of Honner was that he had lost the eye as a yearling and wasn’t trained to do anything so became a companion horse, passed along to different owners here and there for this purpose over the years until a tragic accident occurred when he was unscrupulously sold by someone as a sound riding horse to a young mum who ended up breaking her pelvis and lost an eye herself in the accident.

Eventually he arrived at Calan Horse Sanctuary and although welcomed by little Brodie, Merc and the old guard, it wasn’t until this year that Honner has discovered the closeness of friendship. Tonto, one of our newest herd members and a respectable little shetland, has reached out to and is becoming great mates with Honner. It is such a joy to see this unfolding of relationship amongst our horses no matter how short or long a time they’ve been here. We sometimes worry that some horses seem like loner’s whilst others stick side by side. With the knowledge of daily observation and care however, we are able to gather a lot of information on herd behavior and trust that the horses will sort things out themselves both internally and externally. Most have been through the ringer prior to landing at Calan although as we always say when they do arrive, they receive the life and love they deserve as fellow companions rather than objects to us humans on the road of life. If you’d like to meet Honner and Tonto or any of the other deserving and worthy horses, give us a call and we’d be glad to introduce you. Thank you again for caring.

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