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Irish’s Journey: From Neglect to Leadership at Calan Horse Sanctuary

Hi every one, there has not been a update for a few months and the reason for that is life at the “For Ever Sanctuary” is a very routine life for the horses and my self.
There is a true story about one of the dear horses who dwells here and it goes like this.
I was in the company of a very genuine lady who had the same feelings about horses like we do and we were travelling along an dirt track and she said ” what is that over there”, I glanced to my right and up against a tree a skeleton covered with a skin and fur.
After making a few inquiries about this very sad sight on the 1/6/2008 Irish walked through the two sanctuary gates. Not only was he so thin he had a bad case of Thrush and many cracks in his over grown hooves.
When the Equine dentist opened his mouth he was certainly angry because on both sides of Irish’s mouth was a deep raw groove where his over grown teeth had gouged a deep raw channel and he would have suffered much pain when trying to eat.
I came to the conclusion he had a strong dislike of the human race and would like to explain why I say this.
I had walked into his pen with his bucket of hard morning meal and as I walked towards his stable he dashed across and trapped me in the corner, with his ears hard down on his head and banging the ground with his front feet like a wild animal. It was very obvious to me he meant to take me out.
Fortunately I had watched the advice from a French horseman who demonstrated what to do when you are about to be attacked.
You make every effort to make yourself as small as possible, lower your head, round your shoulders and try to think how you felt when one was around 6 years of age. Make every effort to not connect with our eyes. After about 10 minutes which seemed like one half an hour I looked up and he was stationary with his ears pointing forward like a donkey.
Because I was no threat he was at peace with me.
Now this big fella is the Alpha horse and he is doing a wonderful job in fact he is showing Phoenix the ropes because time is moving on.
Every morning when I open Irish’s gate after he has finished his morning meal when I open his gate Irish would lick my hands and arms showing how this big fella has changed for the good by being at Calan Horse Sanctuary the “Forever Sanctuary”



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