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Home » Lightning Jack’s Journey: Rescuing and Caring for an Elderly Horse

Lightning Jack’s Journey: Rescuing and Caring for an Elderly Horse

What makes rescuing old horses worth it? The day starts at 5:45 AM and this afternoon, three of us just crowded around old Lightning Jack, offering him words of praise and touches of affection.

He just stood there very relaxed and eyes half closed.
This animal is certainly a beautiful creature and a credit to everything good. At one time a previous owner thought him worthy enough to ship overseas and compete at the Olympic level on the Australian Equestrian Team. Then he was abandoned to a paddock for 8 grueling years before his rescue.

Alan decided to trim his hooves especially the front. There was not a murmur or movement of protest and even with his tender sore right hind leg.

He just can not stand on this particular limb so when it is time to finish off his left hind I have to leave his right hind hoof on the ground and dig a deep groove in the ground around the left to complete the job.

To reward him he was given some fresh carrot pieces and he enjoyed it so much I think I saw his eyes say thanks.

We bathed his weeping eyes, administered Vaseline to his forehead and sprayed Cider Vinegar onto the exposed skin on his back and now he has a soft light white rug on to counteract the mozzies.

He is certainly a beautiful being and as he is now 30+ years old, we’ll care for him til the end- he’ll let us know at some point when that will be. There’s never enough time on earth to spend with Jack or any of our wonderful friends, that’s for sure.

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