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Meet Bella


Arrived 13th September 2017
Passed 8th February 2021

On July, 1, 2020 our beloved ‘Bella’, a lovely, soft, gentle mare, died.

The sanctuary has very little information on the background of Bella-most of what we know is hearsay although we do not minimize the possible poor treatment when there is talk about a horse’s history. We are very sad that Alan as usual, was the one who had to find Bella lying dead in the paddock and he gave her a good life since she arrived at CHS on September 13, 2017. We opened our hearts and double gates to welcome Bella who was fast running out of options where she could call “home”. Some of her story before us was that racing dogs on a property purposely chased her. The whites of her eyes were big and she double-barrelled Alan a few times in the beginning. It took her the past few years at Calan to settle herself down and trust that she was safe.

Bella spent the first few weeks enjoying the company of our two Shetland ponies, Gypsy and Tonto, four rescued sheep and two alpacas. We then introduced her to Brodie, the little Welsh pony who is said to have spent time in a circus and had some success at the Royal Show. Whether that history of Brodie is true or not this little fella is a true gentleman and he remained a dedicated companion right up to the last breath made by several of our dear horses- especially Merc the day he died.

Calan Horse Sanctuary publicly made a vow to all that we would do everything at our disposal to give Bella a good life and watch over her 24/7 so her remaining years will be to her liking never to be sold or moved on and her days of being ridden are no more. We kept our promise and are sad that it was short-lived. Unfortunately, we never know how long or short a horse will stay with us. Most have histories that lend themselves to guessing what we’re up against in caring for them. Regardless, we take on these beautiful creatures out of love and compassion and to give them the lives they deserve. Rest in Peace sweet Bella. You’re in heaven now and we hope you feel wild and free.

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