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Meet Bella


Arrived 13th September 2017
Passed 8th February 2021

On July 1, 2020, Calan Horse Sanctuary lost a cherished member of our family – the soft and gentle mare, Bella. Her passing deeply saddened us, leaving a void in our hearts.

Bella’s history before joining us on September 13, 2017, remains largely unknown, with much of it based on hearsay. Despite the lack of details, we never underestimated the challenges she might have faced in her past. It was a heart-wrenching moment for Alan, our dedicated caretaker, to find Bella lifeless in the paddock. However, we take solace in knowing that since her arrival at Calan Horse Sanctuary, she experienced a life filled with care and love.

Initially, Bella struggled to adjust. She showed signs of anxiety and mistrust, perhaps a result of being chased by racing dogs in her previous home. This experience left her with a defensive demeanor, even towards Alan. But, over the years, Bella gradually found peace and security within the sanctuary’s nurturing environment.

During her time with us, Bella enjoyed companionship from other sanctuary residents, including our two Shetland ponies, Gypsy and Tonto, our rescued sheep, and two alpacas. She also formed a special bond with Brodie, a Welsh pony with a rumored background in circus performance and success at the Royal Show. Together, they shared a strong, comforting connection.

At Calan Horse Sanctuary, we made a heartfelt commitment to Bella and all our animals: to provide a safe, loving forever home. We promised to care for Bella day and night, ensuring her final years were comfortable and peaceful, free from the burdens of her past. We upheld this promise, though we mourn that her time with us was shorter than we hoped. In our mission to rescue and rehabilitate horses, we understand that their time with us can be unpredictable. Each horse arrives with a unique story, and we dedicate ourselves to providing them with the love and care they deserve.

Bella, now at peace, will always be remembered fondly. She embodied the spirit of freedom and resilience that we cherish at Calan Horse Sanctuary. Rest in peace, sweet Bella – your spirit gallops free in the heavens.

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