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Meet Big Ben

Big Ben

Arrived 23rd August 2014
Passed 19th March 2022

Unable to be trained as a racehorse due to his height of 17.1 hands, he was purchased by a Dressage rider, where he competed successfully in unofficial Dressage events as a novice. Unfortunately, he developed a bad attitude to the attending crowds, right at the start of his Eventing career. Due to this anomaly, he was given away as a rogue, but his new owner persevered and took him to novice level, but was unable to take him further.

In spite of this, Ben continued to live the next ten years of his life at the property. During those years the owners developed a horse stud with up to twenty-eight horses in their care, which, due to the heavy work load imposed on running a horse stud, it became difficult to give Ben the T.L.C. he needed. Now seventeen years old and arthritic, the owners became aware he was not thriving. Genuine efforts were made to find him other homes where he could peacefully live out the rest of his life, this was at the time unsuccessful. Eventually, his health became such a concern, his owners, reluctantly considered putting him to sleep, but only as a last resort.

Six years before, C.H.S. had made a promise that should Ben ever need a home, the ‘welcome mat’ would be thrown down for him.

On the 23rd August 2014 Ben stepped out onto C.H.S.’s welcome mat. He has become the largest horse to reside at the sanctuary which has prompted us to add “Big” to his name. Big Ben has now joined the family herd of fourteen other horses. It gives us much pleasure to bring the big fella on board, and we make the pledge that we will do our utmost to care for him with respect and honour he deserves.

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