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Meet Cobber


Arrived 11th August 2013
Passed 7th May 2017

As I commence to type this Tribute to Cobber I am not embarrassed to say my eyes are filled with emotion. It has been a tough few years, now having lost yet another of our beautiful equine friends.

On the 18/5/2013 two ex-gallopers, Cobber and Digger, excitedly exited the horse float and commenced living lives that graced this property. A very enjoyable experience for CHS as they joined the mob who found their final home here. They had a close bond when we first met them and it was clear we had to keep them together.

On many occasions, these two mates would gallop at lightning speed putting hooves to ground over every bit of grass and earth of this 100-acre property.

From the beginning, I noticed Cobber had a slightly jerky action as he ran but as this remained right through the three-plus years he was with us, we reached the conclusion that he simply had a different gait movement. But alas, about two and a half months ago we became aware that this lovely fella was moving with a much different action and as time went by (see photo) it became more of a concern to him and us.

We sought and received veterinary advice, asked experienced horse folk to check him and pass on their opinions, and he received injections, pain relief, and a donated special herb was given, but all to no avail. The problems were insurmountable and grave.

On the 7/5/2017 it became evident to me that dear Cobber’s end was drawing close. I kept a watchful eye on him and by 1:00 PM of the day, he could not turn and move to the right and forward, and with much effort, he could only slowly edge himself to the left.

What I have found so heartbreaking and infinitely sad is the moment all compassionate and caring horse stewards dread more than anything else in the world- having gained the trust of an innocent animal and then having to end its life by your own hands. I approached Cobber with my rifle and connected his right ear to his left eye and visa versa with a mark, all items he had never seen before, yet he continued to place his trust in me. Then, I had to pull the trigger. This lovely, 510-kilo living creature, crashed to the ground and those once lovely brown liquid eyes gazed at me no more. I was torn apart and I will never ever be the same, nor will I ever forget him. He gave all of us so much joy and now when we spend time with his close companion Digger, the spirit of Cobber will be with us just like the spirits of Topaz, Lawson, and Koda. Maybe the sight of whirling dust and clouds of dirt and the sound of thundering hoofbeats is you and the boys letting us know you’re alright.

I have read much about the Rainbow Bridge and I am not sure whether I believe it. But the hope and promise contained in this promise that he is somewhere free I will dwell on to help me grieve and continue to care and protect living creatures whenever the opportunity is before me.

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