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Meet Dwight

Dwight aka Ike

Arrived 1st April 2017

“Dwight raced until he was 9 years old having 66 starts and winning for his owners $384,000.00. He was retired in February 2016 and given to a woman as a pleasure horse.

On the occasion I was visiting the new owner I noticed what terrible condition he was in, skin and bone with badly neglected hooves. After having a conversation on his condition I offered to take him home which was eagerly agreed too.

It became very evident that Dwight was suffering from terrible stomach ulcers and was a sad horse, very introverted and had a strained look in his eyes. So I set about to rehabilitate him and return him to the condition he must have once been. As he gained weight, his coat gleaned and with his confidence restored he truly blossomed.

I was surprised by the beautiful horse that emerged, Dwight was a true gentleman and a gentle soul, he was easy to handle and a pleasure to do anything with. He thrived on love and lots of TLC and enjoyed being fussed and spoilt.

As time went by I noticed he had some lameness issues that rest did not resolve. Veterinary treatment revealed that the racing years had devastated his body, he had a chronically sore back (Kissing Spine??) arthritis in most joints and suspected early navicular problems. The vet advised me that he may be in chronic pain and was not fit for any more riding and maybe best to put him to sleep. BUT definitely he must be retired.

Due to a change in my personal circumstances I sadly realised I was not in a position to care for him on a permanent basis and as the murky word “knackery” had been connected with this dear horse in the past, I diligently commenced looking for a worthy suitable home. I contacted Calan Sanctuary in a vain hope that they may be able to take him in, luckily Calan was able to offer their place as a home and I was so relieved with some trepidation, WOULD THE SANCTUARY LOOK AFTER DWIGHT WITH AS MUCH LOVE AND CARE AS I DID?

As soon as we drove up their driveway and saw the immaculate facilities, clean tidy yards and met Alan the proprietor I instantly knew that Dwight was going to be loved and cared for like a King.

He can now live a contented life surrounded by other horses to enjoy a life of relaxation that he certainly deserves.”

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