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Meet Irish


Arrived 1st June 2008

This large, powerful animal was originally found under a tree. His body was literally a bag of bones with cuts and scratches from head to tail because each time he lowered his head to eat or drink he would fall over. He had Ryegrass Mycotoxin Staggers and because of this terrible affliction he could not close his mouth. His hooves were in terrible condition with seedy toe, excessive separation, quarter and toe cracks from the coronet down with large flares and the list goes on. His mane resembled a well worn door mat and he was riddled with worms.

The dentist was visibly moved when he first treated Irish. He found a deep groove down each side of his mouth caused by years of neglect. Eating would have been a very painful endeavour. If the rescue had not commenced at this time it was clear he would not have lasted more than two weeks. He was a very lonely horse with no self-esteem and naturally conveyed a dislike to humans. It has taken three years to bring this beautiful creature back to the horse he once must have been. Irish is now a friendly soft horse who truly enjoys life, a life he deserves. His presence is a joyful experience.

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