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Meet Kokoda


Arrived 7th June 2016
Passed 25th January 2017

It is with a heart full of sadness that we share that one of our newest rescues, Kokoda (Koda) was found lying dead in the paddock last week. The shock to us has hit hard given that he was one of those horses who through no fault of his own, had been relegated to a life as a ‘lawnmower’ and then destined to ‘the meat factory’ out of increased disinterest as his former human keeper’s relationship fell apart.

Kokoda’s nature showed he was a kind and beautiful soul- all you would want in a horse and he was willing to give himself 100% even after everything that was done to him.

Found shivering in his paddock in the rain and with harassment by dogs on a regular basis, a woman named Sue courageously negotiated and brought him to a safe and ‘forever’ home at Calan.

With older horses we are fully aware, both eyes open, that our elder equines have limited time on earth and we celebrate time with them in moments.

But Koda’s passing remains a mystery- he was only around 17 years old. Could it have been a snakebite, brain aneurysm or heart attack? Who knows for sure. We only hope that he didn’t suffer and that at least he ended his life as a true resident, a bonafide member of the herd at CHS, and that he knew he was worth more than ’62 starts and 10 wins’, and was valued and loved as an individual. Rest in Peace our new found friend Koda.

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