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Meet Linka & Lily

Linka & Lily

On the 2nd February, 2015 Calan Horse Sanctuary opened its gates and hearts in anticipation of the arrival of two worthy little ponies.

Special amenities had been prepared for them; a large paddock to graze in with two rescued lambs for companionship, a horse stable to shelter in and a beautiful, large Eucalyptus tree for shade plus, willing hands to care for them. Alas, they did not arrive and we feel compelled to explain why.

Back in February of 2013, an exceptionally brave lady, intervened on behalf of these two dear little ponies, due to the fact they were badly neglected. She sought professional help and was told that Linka’s condition was too far gone and would need to be euthanized and her progeny, Lily, would need extensive treatment. Unwilling to put Linka down, this fine lady admitted them both to a veterinary clinic (footing the bill) where with loving professional care they were brought back from the brink of certain death.

Their x-rays revealed the extent of the pain they must have suffered over a long period, all because of their owner’s inability to administer duty of care. Due to the wonderful lady, and her whole family, who rescued them, they had received a second chance at life – one they deserved.

By the end of 2014, these two innocent animals were again in deep trouble. Unfortunately, they had been returned to their original owner who had promised to take better care of them; the law being on the side of the owner. Once again, the same brave, goodhearted lady stepped-in and admitted them to the same veterinary clinic. It was hoped that their condition, like before, could be reversed. With authorization in-place, they were to be transported to Calan Horse Sanctuary to convalesce.

Linka and Lily were now unable to walk and the x-rays revealed the full extent of their condition. Both their four hooves had Laminitis. In one of Linka’s hooves the coffin bone was completely broken away from the hoof wall. When first observed by us prior to their
removal we noticed they stood with their backs arched and their bodies tilted backwards; we wondered why? Of course the reason was their desperate need to try in some way, to elevate their weight from the hooves, but this caused unnatural strain and more pain on every part of their little bodies, a domino effect.

With hopeful hearts, Calan Horse Sanctuary and volunteers waited anxiously to hear the results of the x-rays. Everything was in place for their new life, one of hope, safety, tranquility, well kept hooves and pain free, but alas, it was not to be. A tearful and heartfelt decision was made to end their terrible relentless suffering; one they had endured for far too long. C.H. S. received the emotional phone call from their benefactress to say, regrettably at 3 pm, 2nd February 2015 the mare and her filly were put to sleep. Rest in Peace little mates. We’re sorry for what humans have done to you and your kind.

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