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Meet Perdon


Arrived 4th May 2012
Passed 31st October 2021

As the owners were expecting their first child, they decided for the time being to place him in a well recommended horse complex for a period of twelve months. During a visit some months later to check on his welfare, they were horrified and deeply angered to find him in a much deteriorated condition. He was severely lame with cuts to his forehead, back and rump, under weight and his hooves had not been attended to.

Perplexed, the owners contacted C.H.S. to ask if there was any possibility of boarding their beloved horse with us to recover until they could sell him to worthy new owners. Eight weeks on at C.H.S., the owners were delighted to see a fine recovery in Perdon due to the close human contact, daily grooming, good quality food and consistent attention to his hooves. During that time, not only his physical well being, but his emotional and spiritual well being thrived due to the company of a well adjusted herd.

Seeing this, the owners were moved to make a very unselfish and difficult decision by putting Perdon’s welfare first and requested us, if at all possible for him to become a full time resident, the answer of course was yes. Our only concern, was that because he has such a beautiful personality, we could have another “Mr Perfect” amongst the herd.

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