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Home » Rescued and Renamed: The Heartfelt Stories of Horses Finding Hope at Calan Sanctuary

Rescued and Renamed: The Heartfelt Stories of Horses Finding Hope at Calan Sanctuary

Many of our horses arrive from nowhere. Nobody wants them and they had no future. Some were found in the bush, some were going to market, some were going to be shot. The walls were closing in on most of them. Yet we fall instantly in love when we meet them and make a commitment to do our utmost in telling their stories to the world, including renaming them. We rename them because they missed out when human love, attention and kindness were handed out and we want them to make a new association to how and what is spoken to them, especially the sound of their name.

A few weeks ago a horse arrived in a rough condition whom we renamed ‘OMAR’. OMAR is an ancient name that means ‘flourishing, eloquent, gifted speaker’. He seems to like it and curiously, the other members of our mob, instantly liked him and didn’t make a fuss when OMAR was quarantined in another paddock. Usually the horses rush over to size up the new arrival.

Another horse at our sanctuary, was dumped in the bush last year, picked up by rangers and made her way here. We named her ‘Lakota’ after the Native American Indian tribe the Lakota Sioux. Lakota means ‘feeling affection, united, friendly’. Of all the horses that have come here, she was suspicious, especially of males, and would keep her eyes on you even when her head was down eating. She’s now a pleasure to be with and is making friends with another mare Lilly.

That’s it for another update from us here at Calan Sanctuary. We appreciate your support and as always drop by if you’re in the area.

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