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Support Vinnie: A Heartfelt Appeal for Ongoing Care at Calan Horse Sanctuary

“The first duty of love is to listen” – Paul Tillich

…And listen we did when a kind woman and her daughter appealed to Alan to take in a former racehorse, whom we’ll call ‘Vinnie.’ Vinnie was losing weight rapidly and had an injury so bad while he was at an agistment property that it required extensive vet care. The injury occurred when Vinnie was placed in a paddock with five, gelded, heavy horses who attacked him. The vet bills were more than this lovely family could handle and knowing he deserved a life where he would be treated with kindness, love and an abundance of care, they contacted Calan Horse Sanctuary and were able to surrender him to us.

According to the rescuers, when he came off the track he was “emaciated, full of ulcers and lame, couldn’t believe he was raced a couple of days prior in that condition. He didn’t know how to be a horse, didn’t know what to do in a paddock, had no idea how to interact with our other horses for some time- the day he figured out he could move was beautiful to see. “ they said.

Vinnie started growing taller and filling out under their care and six months later he was 16hh and in a 6 foot rug. He was quiet, could be led, although became lame after seeing the farrier so he was no longer ridden. Personal circumstances of this family meant this lovely horse with a warm heart had little options.

As is often the case, Calan Horse Sanctuary gets more offers to take in a horse than we have room or time for. Alan is the main and often only person on the property to feed meals, rug, trim hooves, administer care and upkeep the property as well as all of the animals. Taking on another horse in need is significant for one man caring for dozens of horses and other animals with a range of needs.

However, one look at Vinnie was so compelling that even with other horses to care for Alan made the decision that this fella came into our awareness for a reason. We listened and heard him.

Vinnie has been with us just over one week and as you can see for yourselves will require ongoing veterinary care and upkeep. We never know what will be required of each horse as they are all treated individually according to what is going on physically, mentally and in their beautiful and often broken and tender heart.

We are making a special financial appeal for Vinnie in this update. It is also time to let our supporters know we have launched our new website which features each and every horse- with Vinnie to be added shortly. It also lists ways to donate if you are not able to offer finances although financial support, veterinary services and if you can physically help out are our top 3 needs.

On behalf of Vinnie,

Thank you for helping us help him. We are grateful you’re out there.

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