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Supporting Calan Horse Sanctuary: Help Our Horses Amidst Covid-19

Covid-19 has halted donations at Calan- our horses need you

Everyone is aware of the horrific impact the Corona virus has had around the world. With many of the most vulnerable people left sick or have died from this, those who remain are caught in the net of ‘shelter in place’ and work from home or are now unemployed. Animal shelters and sanctuaries are not considered ‘essential’ and therefore have few financial alternatives to keep going and few people left caring for their animal residents.

Some smaller pets like dogs and cats have thrived as humans now have time to properly care for their animal. With more time spent at home, some kind humans have adopted or fostered a pet. However, large animals like horses can be seen as a burden for those who are on the financial brink. And a horse certainly won’t fit in your living room. Sadly, they are then disposed of or cruelly neglected.

It’s well known that 81-year old, Mr. Alan Gent, is the primary caretaker of the 23 mainly elderly horses whom he has given refuge to since the sanctuary was founded in 2005. Alan funded the sanctuary with his pension until the Go Fund Me campaign was set up just a few years ago. While we have only 23 horses, now-with Francis, the donkey having recently died-9 additional horses and 2 ponies who had to be euthanized prior to arrival due to severe neglect of their hooves (read about them on our Horses in Heaven page on our website The remaining horses have special needs due to their age or conditions they had when they arrived and still need to be properly cared for. With the quarantine, Alan is now truly on his own and has to stay safe from infection and not leave the property unless he absolutely has to. He is the one getting up at the crack of dawn and working until after dusk to care for our four-legged friends.

The ground here at the sanctuary has turned to dust to minimal rain in April-only 6.5 mills. Donations are not coming in that would allow for purchasing hay and other feed which we desperately need. The hay shortage is due to the extreme weather conditions and suppliers have sent a lot of their stock to areas of the country that were ravaged by the summer bushfires.

A team of people from America including a horse vet were on their way to help Alan when Covid-19 sent every country into lockdown and all international flights were canceled. The team hopes to make their way over to Calan and Western Australia once the ban is lifted. In the meantime, we need all the help we can get in order to get through this difficult time. If you could help us raise enough money to cover the next 3 months of food/hay then it would take the stress and burden off Alan’s shoulders until our friends can get here to help with veterinary exams, fence repair, and general moral support and so we can start succession planning for the future of Calan.

Our goal is to raise around $10,000 to cover food and medicine through August at the very least. If you are a feed supplier and can donate product to us directly, please contact Alan at [email redacted] And, please forward this to your friends and family- every donation counts and goes to the direct care of the horses. Help us reach 1000 donors!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and ongoing support of our work to give horses the life they deserve.

For Alan and the animals,
Mae Lee, co-director, Calan Horse Sanctuary

What we need:
Maxisoy Soya
Coprice Rice Bran
Horse Cubes
Flaked Barley
Oaten and Wheaton Chaff
Psyllium Husks
Butches Salt.
Hygain Tru Gain’

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