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Calan Horse Sanctuary Update: Remembering Kaylee and Embracing Change

Over the past six months, Calan Horse Sanctuary has experienced a myriad of changes and developments.

It’s with a heavy heart we share the news of Kaylee’s passing, a devoted farm dog and Alan’s steadfast companion. Sadly, it’s believed she had a tragic accident involving one of the horses. This solemn event reminds us to practice constant vigilance around these magnificent creatures. A memorial now stands in Kaylee’s honour, celebrating her irreplaceable role at the Sanctuary.

Jaz penned a heartfelt homage to our incredible Kelpie, Kaylee, who commenced her duties at a tender age of five months in November 2014. Despite being the last of her litter to find a home, she thrived at Calan, overseeing the stables with an observant eye and protective nature. Regrettably, at 8.5 years, Kaylee left us suddenly, leaving a profound void within the Calan family.

As the dry season has passed, we’re now graced with verdant fields providing ample nourishment for the horses. The herd still receives their daily feed, adjusted to include the bountiful fresh grass. With the seasonal shift, feeding times have naturally aligned with dawn, highlighting the sanctuary’s rhythm with nature, not by the clock.

The general health of the herd is commendable. We recently treated Lakota for a suspected abscess with successful results. The ongoing practice of hoof trimming is performed routinely, ensuring the horses’ wellbeing.

A hearty thank you goes to Oakford Stockfeeds, our unwavering supporter, for their consistent provision of high-quality feed. With their help, we ensure our storeroom is always ready to support the nutritional needs of our herd.

To support our elderly horses, Lakota and Devon, we’ve invested in new Caribu rugs. These provide them with the necessary warmth and protection during the colder months, especially for Devon, who has difficulty maintaining weight.

Acknowledging the cost of providing a forever home to these noble creatures, we’ve reactivated our Go Fund Me campaign. Your donations are invaluable to our mission, complemented by the support from Bridging Communities.

Lastly, we extend a warm welcome to Kaylan, a youthful suspected Dingo-cross from Narrogin pound, who’s quickly adapting to life at Calan. With time, we’re confident he will become as integral to the sanctuary as Kaylee once was.

James McDonald, representing Alan Gent and the heart of Calan Horse Sanctuary.

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