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Update 20th May 2021

This Update has no intention of appealing for funds, the reason it is to inform all you good people that the beautiful horse Rebel who graced this property on 12/3/2005 has been put to sleep.
He was 24 years of age and what was special about his character he spent every day of his brave life with one fully formed tooth on his top gum. He had to graze like a sheep and the other night we had 37 m of rain which flooded the property and he scooped up enough sand to fill his stomach, even with help from a very skillful Vet who tried so hard for Reb it was not enough.
He was a true fighter and he kept punching with all his might to beat it, but sadly he reached the top rung of his ladder to life and I had to put him to sleep
I personally do not know how to install a photo of him but if you log onto the CHS website and bring up “Our Horses” page there is a photo of this brave dear horse.
As I have said this is not an appeal for funds but for some shoulders to lean on so I can continue to care for the remaining 18 horses.

Warm regards,

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