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Update 20th November 2017

There isn’t a day, an hour, a moment that goes by that little old Brodie, who is around 30 years-old, doesn’t miss his mate Mercury who died a few months ago. He stands forlorn at Merc’s trough and stable and is now spending time alone away from the herd. Horses feel heartache and emotions that express their bond with each other, especially as herd animals. Losing an elder in the herd is significant. This is why we take time each day to check on each and every horse at Calan to make sure they are given the proper care and attention whether it is vet care or tender loving care. Won’t you please donate to help Brodie and the other equines at the sanctuary? Hugs and well wishes are great and it takes financial means to give these horses the very best care they deserve. Thank you for your support and do stop by for visit if you visit or live in Western Australia. From all of us at CHS.

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