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Update 22nd October 2017

Many find our sanctuary a very special place. Human and horse alike have come upon these grounds under unusual circumstances, often by chance and just when there is nowhere else to turn. It happens as if the wind carried both their sorrow and prayers to our front gates when the conditions were right and we were able to receive them. They come from all over, to rest their heads, heal their hearts or pass on to a more peaceful place, free from suffering, having in their last moments, known there were those who cared about and loved them without condition. That was the sad and true story of Linka and Lillie, two little Shetland ponies we had prepared a special and comfortable place for, and who led a wretched life, crippled from lack of proper care of their hooves which grew like skis, and had to be humanely euthanised in February 2015, on the property which they had originally resided. We are fortunate however, that our sanctuary has luckily become a dream for two other little ponies, Shetlands, named Gypsy and Tonto, our newest arrivals. (read more from their previous owners on our website)

Won’t you support these little horses with big hearts at Calan Horse Sanctuary?

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