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Update 24th June 2018

Every Australian knows that water is life. In a time of crisis during the drought in W.A. it is your generosity and goodwill that made the difference in the lives of our 23 horses. We hung on as long as we could and waited for the rainfall whilst your donations enabled us to keep the Calan Sanctuary horses fed 4 times per day as most are senior equines in need of special nutrition and supplements. Hay was spread out for the horses to share and each and every horse was hard fed multiple times throughout the day. Unfortunately, many farmers and horse owners in the region were doing it tough with the dry few months, with some sadly having to put their animals down due to colic. We cannot thank you enough and are grateful for every dollar donated which has gone to the direct care of our herd. Even little Brodie, our 30+ year-old pony mascot has a spring in his step and a renewed sense of purpose since the rains came and the grass started to grow. Even old ‘Lightening Jack’ (aka Beriah) , also around 30 years-old, has a ‘no worries mate’ attitude now and is looking the best he’s ever been. As always, we’d love to meet you if you’re in the area or want to make a trip to visit us. It takes a village to care for these worthy, special beings and you’ll see what your heartfelt donations have helped accomplish. Thank you again.

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