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Update 24th May 2018

“Drought hits Calan Sanctuary hard” Help needed to secure food for the herd of mainly elderly, rescued horses during this difficult, rough, dry weather that Western Australia is experiencing. Normally when we’d have pasture, the earth is now shattered and dry from lack of seasonal rains we desperately rely on. The generosity of people for the monies raised have been spent on hard feeding 23 horses, 4 x per day and supplimenting with as much hay as we can afford. These drought conditions with nothing but dirt to pick at cause horses to colic with bellies full of sand. It became a reality for friends close to the sanctuary whose horse had to be put down. We’d like to prevent that here with your help and to buy more grain and hay and to help cover expenses of supporting dedicated volunteers to assist Alan in feeding out while we’re doing it tough with this weather. Thank you in advance for your continued dedication to our beautiful equine friends. We welcome inspections and visits – during good times and now when the situation is bleak.

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