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Update 31st December 2017

There is no shortage of reports of animal neglect and it is particularly bad when it happens at the hand of people who ought to know better- like professionals who are charged with a duty of care to look after innocent beings who are 100% at our mercy. This photo is common of the condition of the teeth the many elder equines arrive here with. So poor in fact that they can starve to death even though a ‘dentist’ has treated them! As you can imagine, we too rely on these professionals to be competent and give us good advice. It makes sense to get a second opinion if you’re horse companion ceases to thrive as there could be health issues not properly treated or diagnosed. Here at Calan Horse Sanctuary, we listen to the horse first and then let the professionals guide us. We aim to look at situations from different angles to ensure we meet our horse’s high standards- and see if what is going on tells us they are healthy, happy and thriving. Won’t you help us by donating to this outstanding vision and reality for elder equines?

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