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Update 6th April 2021

The Sanctuary is going through a very sad time right now as we have lost five of the dear horses who have passed on. Would like to list the horses who are now dwelling here. Irish Rebel Rico Phoenix Tonto Gypsy
Vinnie Lilly Waylon Perdon Devon Honner Gideon Dwight Omar Big Ben Digger Felix Lakota..

The ones who have passed on since 2005.
Topaz Mercury Cobber Kokoda Red Beriah Vivek Bella Lawson Mae Lee Tex Francis Brodie Matilda.

To spend part of my day with every one of these deceased horses and then loose them is very wearing and it has affected me personally.
So please bear with me as time goes by but having said that I will continue to give every horse possible a life they deserve.

Warm regards,

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