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Home » Updates from the Forever Home Sanctuary: Providing Comfort and Care for Needy Horses

Updates from the Forever Home Sanctuary: Providing Comfort and Care for Needy Horses

Alan here, just a short update to let you know the sanctuary is going okay.
Because the it is a “Forever Home” sanctuary I would like to let you know how that has affected me personally.
Since the sanctuary commenced in 2005 there has been sixteen horses who have arrived and then passed on, for example…Rebel arrived here during 2005 at the age of 8 and passed on 9/5/2021.
The dear little donkey Francis arrived here 7/12/2019 and passed on 21/2/2020.
On 10 occasions I had to personally put a horse to sleep with my own hands and I say with a deep feeling that after spending part of every day with one of them and then having to put them to sleep is very difficult.
My emotional cord is very worn right now but I will gladly press on.
There are at present seventeen horses dwelling here now being given a life they deserve with the possibility of more being invited to enter through our double gates.
I would like to mention that you are very welcome to visit and see for yourself how they are cared for, they run free as a herd for 23 hours and come down to the house on the own accord and without a halter or lead rope enter THEIR pen and stable and partake of their morning hard meal.

Your financial help has been wonderful, for example a truck will call in here tomorrow with a load of good quality horse food to help keep these horses healthy, safe and to live in peace.
I humbly do ask you if possible and practical to continue helping me to keep this sanctuary a safe “forever Home” for needy horses by being a voice for the voiceless.

Warm regards,

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