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Meet Devon


Arrived 6th April 2014

Little known about this horse, except that the past two years he has been on his own and residing in two separate small pens with a ground surface of only loose sand.

This existence no doubt would have resulted in a very lonely and possibly bored horse.

As soon as Devon’s hooves touched the ground on this property, he zealously commenced grazing as seen in the photograph.

Because of the urgent dental work required, an appointment as soon as possible will be made with the equine dentist.

As soon as he has settled into his new environment, a start will commence in returning his hooves back to a healthy state.

Just to highlight what a observable horse this fella is, during the routine with the morning meal upon which eighteen gates are opened and shut, only after two days was he discovered standing at HIS GATE.

To the kind lady horse person who took him in, even though being short of land space and with extra pressure being placed on the family budget which includes young children, we say “Well Done”.

We will continue your good work and contribute towards a quality of life he deserves with everything we have at our disposal.

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