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Meet Gideon

Gideon aka Moose

Arrived 2nd November 2014

On the 2nd November, 2014, C.H.S. opened its gates and heart to a seven year old thoroughbred gelding (16.2 hands), not because of abuse, neglect, abandonment or old age. His lovely young owner had reluctantly brought him to us because he can no longer be ridden in the sport they both love.

Then, out of the blue, Moose was diagnosed with cancer of the right eye. A costly operation successfully removed the affected third eyelid. Sometime later, bad luck struck again when he became lame in both hind legs; diagnosed as Bilateral Hind limb Suspensory Ligament Desmitis, in June of this year. The stress on his hind legs caused them to become painfully swollen. Shalee was left with a heart wrenching decision to retire her beloved horse.

Finding a new home for Moose proved difficult, especially when it became known he could no longer be ridden. After many enquiries, Shalee heard of C.H.S. and phoned and arranged a visit to plead Moose’s case, as he did not fit the criteria of C.H.S. After much soul searching on the part of both parties, an agreement was made to accept Moose as a permanent resident within the family of Calan Horse Sanctuary.

The day Shalee and her partner Mat delivered Moose, it was obvious to all of the love and commitment the gelding had received, a commitment she has undertaken to continue with support of Moose while he resides at C.H.S.

Shalee agreed to C.H.S giving him a new name and ‘Gideon’ was chosen – brave and a warrior at heart.

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