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Meet Lakota


Arrived 23rd January 2017

In mid-January, 2017, CHS received a call from a veterinary clinic to say they had been contacted by the local authorities stating that a horse had been found on its own in the bush. It was uncertain whether the horse, a mare, had been dumped or perhaps escaped, but by the numerous manure droppings and hoof prints where she was found, it indicated that she had been there for a considerable length of time before the kind clinic staff made the discovery. The horse was transported to their place of business where they lovingly cared for and protected her for the time being.

We at CHS needed no time to answer the clinic’s plea to give her a permanent and secure place to dwell; it was an instant, positive ‘YES’.

We bestowed upon her the name of ‘Lakota’ taken from the name of the Native American Indian tribe of the Sioux Nation who were known as the brave warriors and horsepersons of the Great Plains of North America. Upon reading about these people it is clear that they were and are now true survivors, battling harsh conditions and warfare-yet surviving despite what is done to them. Lakota displays similar qualities of courage and resilience and instead of wandering off to face her demise; she remained in the small, forested area alongside a water source that kept her alive as long as she stood her ground.

Once possibly discarded with the only certainty an unknown future, this beautifully soft, chestnut mare is settling in very well as our most recent rescue and member of the Calan herd. Upon arrival she was assisted by number three of the pecking order, the ex ”Escape Artist”, Pheonix. This very capable fella immediately stepped up to protect and care for the new herd member like a true gentleman. He grazed by her side and positioned himself as the guardian between Lakota and the other horses.

On 2/6/2017 however, we witnessed a changing of the guard; number two of the Top Brass, whose name is “Irish”, decided to take over the royal duties and has done it in clinical fashion. Unsurprising, this has become his M.O. as clever old Irish pulled a similar maneuver with our first mare, Mae Lee, whereby he stood back and let another horse conduct the ground work and then with his size, clear intention, and commitment, took over, which is where he stands now- Lakota’s Royal Guard.

So this gorgeous yet lonely, wandering soul has gone from an almost certain tragic future to a position of having not one but TWO outstanding male admirers, a wise female companion plus seventeen honorable friends.

We at Calan Horse Sanctuary will do our utmost to give this gentle, lovely mare the secure, peaceful and happy life she deserves.

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