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Meet Rebel


Arrived 2005
Passed 9th May 2021

Even before he drew breath he was special. When his mother Rosa was having an ultrasound, the vet made the remark “I have never seen such a large heart in a foetus”. This is evident in his display of courage and determination. He established his position as the Alpha horse of the herd, never becoming intimidated by a larger horse of any breed.

He came into my care with considerable dental problems. He has deformed teeth in his upper gum with only one complete tooth. Being the Alpha horse all things are done with him first, eg feeding, grooming, trimming, entering and exiting pens and dental treatment. This is done to show him respect for his position in the herd, and in return he shows trust, obedience and respect to us. He was my first horse and over time we have developed a sense of real mate ship and I would do anything for him.

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